How to Load Your Skip

If you’re having a major clearout and need to dispose of a whole host of home or office supplies, furniture or equipment, hiring a skip will help ease most of the burden. But once you’ve got your skip in place, it isn’t simply a case of throwing everything you have into it with abandon; filling a skip should be done with care, so that it doesn’t end up becoming a hazard – and so that your skip hire company doesn’t refuse to take it off your hands.

This month, we’re taking a look at how to best load a skip so that it isn’t dangerously overfilled, and so you are able to make the most out of it during your cleanup.

Don’t overfill the skip

overfilled skipWe see it time and time again; people filling up their skip with any and everything they can until it becomes a balancing act of towering scrap. It might seem stable when the skip is stationary on the side of the road, but that all changes when it comes to picking up and transporting it for disposal. An overfilled skip can be a real danger to you, the people who remove the skip and anyone else who happens to be in close proximity to it.

Skips have fill-limits for a reason, and that isn’t an attempt to make your disposal job harder than it already is; it’s a major health and safety precaution.

Know your limits

Skips should only be filled to the rim, and not over. It’s always best to have a good idea of how much waste you’re expecting to dispose of before hiring a skip, this way you can estimate what size of skip should suit your needs. It doesn’t have to be guesswork, and being cautious before the disposal could save you time and frustration in the future. We have a handy guide to skip sizes, demonstrating the sizes of skips available, what disposals they are best suited to and how much waste you can expect to safely fit inside. You can also get in touch with your skip hire company and discuss your specific disposal, and they will help you decide which skip size would be most suitable for you.

Maximise your load

It’s easy to think of loading a skip as a relatively thoughtless process, but taking care and thinking about how to maximise your space will allow you to dispose of more than you would be able to if you were just throwing things in without care. When loading your skip, think how to best maximise the space in relation to the waste you are disposing, and fill your skip without leaving inefficient gaps.

Larger items should be disassembled or crushed flat so they take up less space, and heavier items should be packed towards the bottom, with lighter waste on top. Flat objects like doors or table tops should be laid down first, with bulkier waste placed on top of them. Try to think of loading your skip in tightly compacted layers. Ideally you will want your waste to fit neatly in place with no awkward gaping holes eating up valuable room.

You should also make sure you’re not filling your skip with unnecessary waste. Garden waste, cardboard, paper, glass and plastic can be recycled in your wheelie bins, so there’s no need to save them for your skip. Hazardous waste, too, should be separately disposed of. Things like: asbestos, batteries, tyres, paint, oils, explosives and flammable items cannot be placed in a skip, as they require specific disposal methods to ensure they are treated safely. Contact your skip hire company to ask what can and cannot be loaded into a skip, so you aren’t caught out when it comes to your disposal.

For commercial skip hire, Kart A Way provides hazardous waste skips for items which cannot be thrown out with general waste – including asbestos and electrical waste. Contact us to find out more.

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