What is the ‘right Waste, right Place Campaign?

With the apparent spread of non-compliance with waste regulations and a seeming ignorance of the Duty of Care expected from small businesses, the ESA (Environmental Services Association) has launched the ‘right Waste, right Place’ campaign.

If this is the first you’ve heard of this campaign and you want to know what it entails, the team here at Kart A Way are here to explain just what the campaign is all about and why it has come to fruition.

Goal of the campaign

right Waste right Place campaign logoThe ‘right Waste right Place’ campaign is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and looks to inform them of their obligations with regards to waste management and the law surrounding it. Duty of Care legislation for waste management was introduced by the government in 1990 but widespread non-compliance has led to a dramatic increase in waste crimes – especially fly tipping – which has created the need for a campaign such as this. The campaign looks to teach businesses about waste management laws, offering a comprehensive collection of information which businesses can access through the campaign’s interactive website. The ultimate goal is of course to help turn non-compliance to compliance, cutting down commercial waste substantially as knowledge and awareness grows.

The website

The official website of the campaign acts as a complete repository of information which SMEs can access and use to teach themselves about all aspects of commercial waste management. The website offers easy to understand guides in the form of ‘need to know cards’ which explains how specific kinds of waste – light bulbs, asbestos, batteries etc – should be disposed of. The site follows the campaign’s pragmatism, making the Duty of Care Act something businesses can easily comply with if they haven’t been doing so. For businesses in need of basic knowledge behind: their responsibilities, the law itself, the consequences of non-compliance, what benefits come with compliance and the different kinds of waste and what to do with them, the ‘right Waste, right Place’ campaign’s website is a comprehensive and well designed portal to all the necessary information.

Why has the campaign been created?

According to the ESA, recent research has shown that 94% of organisations currently breaking the law are SMEs with 0-50 employees. This is mostly due to the fact that these SMEs don’t know what is required of them to become compliant with the Duty of Care act. This has led to an increase in fly tipping all across the country, with a recorded 900,000 incidents reported in England during 2014/15 – an increase of 11% on the previous year. This has cost £50 million in cleanup costs, money which the ESA claim could have been spent to improve other much needed services. Commercial waste was reported to be the second largest component of fly tipping incidents and had risen 18% over the year.

The ESA believe that putting the right knowledge in place and creating an easy to access, use and understand centre of information will help solve most of these issues of non-compliance, which will in turn help the environment and free up funds for services currently being neglected.

Bridging the knowledge gap

The ESA understands the core problem that has led to this dramatic increase in waste crime. The majority of SMEs at fault aren’t fly tipping as a form of rebellion against the legislation nor are they doing so with any criminal goals in minds, they are resorting to fly tipping simply because they are not armed with sufficient knowledge of the law, their responsibilities to uphold that law or what methods they can take to dispose of different kinds of waste properly. However, the ESA recognises that ignorance of the law does not offer protection from it and the excuse of ‘not knowing any better’ won’t prevent offenders suffering prosecution. The campaign has been specifically built to target this knowledge gap and is not exclusive to SMEs – the knowledge is available and applicable to waste generators from all sectors.

The campaign has received signs of encouragement with research suggesting that 90% of non-compliant businesses, once informed of the legislation and their obligation to uphold it, expressed their desire to comply with the Duty of Care act. That’s the first step, and if companies are serious about interacting with the pool of knowledge now available and are ready to adopt the proper methods of waste disposal then the ‘right Waste, right Place’ campaign might very well see success. Of course, the campaign won’t do much to solve the active criminal element engaging in fly tipping and waste crimes, but it will help prevent a large number of waste crimes being carried out by those with the means and desires to change their waste management methods.

Offering practical, pragmatic information to SMEs is a smart way to encourage widespread compliance and, if successful, should go a long way towards substantially cutting down on waste crimes and the costs associated to them – monetary and otherwise – across the country.

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Image credit: http://www.rightwasterightplace.com/