Tips for Recycling in the Summer

We all look forward to enjoying the summer; that rare occasion where the sun decides to grace the UK with its presence. But something that can really mar the experience is the abundance of litter and rubbish strewn all over beaches, parks and campsites. It’s true that there are plenty of people who won’t give recycling a second thought, especially when they’re trying to have some fun, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

The team here at Kart A Way have put together some easy tips for making this summer a green one, so you can enjoy the weather while giving the environment a friendly helping hand at the same time.

Always be prepared

WaterBottlesmallRubbish can accumulate before the holiday properly begins so it’s best to set a good example for the trip ahead. Long road trips often means a suitable collection of drinks and snacks to tide you over while you put up with all the energy sapping aspects of road travel, like backseat children and motorway traffic. Packing it all in reusable containers and using reusable bottles for water or juice means less waste from the off.

Once all the snacks have been devoured, clean up the mess with bags brought along from home, and keep an eye out for recycling bins at rest stops on the way. Thinking ahead will make for a most efficient start to your holiday.


Preparation doesn’t just apply to the car ride, you can use the same ideas for when you’re having a fun picnic on the beach. Save on packaging waste – and money – by preparing food fresh before you go, and keep it packed in reusable plastic containers when transporting them to the sand. You can clear up the waste in your own bags and throw them away at designated recycling bins nearby.

A large amount of marine litter comes from the waste we leave around beaches. This is such an easy to solve issue that it’s staggering it is allowed to continue. Making sure you collect up any rubbish you create before you leave means less waste being claimed by the ocean, and keeping an eye out for rubbish in the vicinity would prove a huge help to the health of marine life.

We’re not saying to comb the entire stretch of sand to pick up any and all litter you come across, but keeping a wary eye out for nearby litter and dealing with it in the ways we’ve described can be a quick and effortless way to cut down on harmful marine waste.

Keep your BBQ green

Meat and vegetables on BBQ grillOne of the most popular ways to celebrate the returning sun, barbecue parties offer a great opportunity not just for an enjoyable afternoon, but for easy to implement recycling ideas! There are simple ways to cut down on the waste generated by BBQs that will save you some cash as well as help save the environment.

Investing in a reusable barbecue instead of relying on disposable ones will be much more cost effective and will generate less waste. A reusable barbecue will last years, so if you’re planning on having regular barbecues for the foreseeable future, investing in one now is wise.

A BBQ will likely come with a scary amount of empty bottles and cans. It’s tempting to just throw them all in a bag and chuck them away so you can claim back your garden from the mess, but properly disposing of cans, glass and plastic bottles is simple and much more beneficial. Giving your guests easy access to the correct recycling bins throughout the party means the cleanup won’t only be on your shoulders. Your garden will be kept cleaner through the day too, as empty bottles won’t be piling up in a makeshift ‘empty drink zone’ in the corner.

Leftover food can be reused too, in soups, stews and sauces. Meat can be refrigerated for sandwiches the next day and bread rolls can be frozen for later use. Other food waste can be put in the compost bin.

It’s easy to make recycling a natural part of any BBQ without it becoming a hassle for you or your guests. In fact, it might even help make the day go smoother – especially when it’s all said and done, everyone’s gone home and it’s time for the cleanup.

Kart A Way are committed to the proper disposal of all waste, be it industrial, commercial or domestic. Our recycling transfer centre helps us cut out the need for a landfill as we aim to recover or reuse 100% of the waste we collect. If you have rubbish you need disposing of you can trust Kart A Way to deal with it appropriately so get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your waste management needs.