World Recycle Week

The topic of recycling and how we manage our waste is one that is never far from the headlines, as our impact on the environment is under constant scrutiny and the subject of many initiatives. World Recycle Week, as the name suggests, is a week dedicated to raising awareness of recycling and helping to encourage people to get behind it, rather than sending the waste to landfill.Kartaway

One of the biggest names to lend their support to the initiative is high street fashion giant H&M. Working in conjunction with musician M.I.A, the company is aiming to gather 1,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes to be recycled and made into new ones.

The star will also create a new music video that will highlight the impact of sending clothing waste to landfill, with the video being premiered on H&M’s site.

Anna Gedda, H&M’s Head of Sustainability, said: “The planet’s resources are limited. If we want to continue enjoying fashion, we have to find a way to make better use of the resources. H&M works for a sustainable fashion future which, among many things, means that we want to create a closed loop for fashion where old clothes can be turned into new ones without using additional materials.”

The unwanted clothes will be collected in any of H&M’s 3,600 stores worldwide. They are then shipped to sorting plants, where they are moved into categories: to be sold in second hand shops, repurposed as cloth or upholstery, or completely recycled to become a new garment or item.

To contribute to World Recycle Week, all you have to do is collect any clothes you have no use for and bring them to your nearest H&M store. With the amount of H&M branches in the world, the target of 1,000 tonnes of clothing is a very reachable one, and doing so can have a huge positive impact on not just the environment, but people’s knowledge of recycling, too.

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